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Six Sigma

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This total quality management resource on Six Sigma and other key business management practices was developed to aide user understanding of the princicple and practices of the field of SixSigma. To achieve breakthrough continuous performance improvement for your organization's key business processes by planning for six sigma level quality to reduce error and to increase productivity and efficiency, is the goal of many high performing organization executives and managers. These tools and resource links are offered to better equip professionals for the road ahead that General Electric has paved.

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Continuous quality improvement influences your work environment and business culture to focus upon the fundamentals and essentials of process, production, profitability and performance. Without constant clarity of what you do and why you do it, most businesses fail. Employees want to succeed and want the business to succeed as well. Processes are not always designed to assist employee success and to ensure business success. Your key business processes are what enable your staff to perform. It is critical that business processes detail the exact steps to complete work assignments and to compete with best in class competitors. Staying current with your competive climate and refining process improvements to compete effectively is what performance improvement is all about. Consistently and continuously producing and providing high quality error free products in time, within customer specifications and with a high degree of customer satisfaction is what six sigma is all about.


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